How to use Anhdv Boot on USB or external hard drive


Anhdv Boot 2024 has been released with many new improvements. How to create a USB boot with hidden partition in this version is still the same as the previous version. Please watch the detailed Video below

Step 1: Copy and unzip

Download Anhdv Boot Here. The most important note is to keep the original name of the downloaded file and copy it to the same drive and decompress it.

Need to save the file Anhdv_Boot*.7z to the root directory of a certain drive

Create Boot For Anhdv Boot Note

After downloading, right-click on the Anhdv_Boot*.7z file and select WinRAR (or 7-zip) > Extract to “Anhdv_Boot…”

Create Boot For Anhdv Boot Extract

Step 2: Create a hidden partition USB boot that supports UEFI and Legacy

After decompression, the files will be as shown below:

Create Boot For Anhdv Boot Extract Done

Run the file One_Click_USB_HDD_Anhdv_Boot.bat and follow the instructions

How to create USB with Anhdv Boot 2024 (cách tạo USB, ổ di động với Anhdv Boot mới nhất)


Above, I give detailed instructions on how to create a USB boot with a hidden partition that supports both UEFI and Legacy. If you encounter an error while using 1-click Anhdv Boot, you need to see if the path containing Anhdv Boot has Vietnamese accents or not. Try closing the tool and running it again, good luck!

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nice tool


Can it boot into live iso like kali linux live? and how can i do that?

Đổ Phương Nam

em tạo xong, usb boot đã ẩn rồi, mà trong phần data, nó còn hiện 1 file ISO, file đó có ảnh hưởng gì không Anh? em có xóa nó được không?


Awesome Tool

Dave lee

Thank for your passion ????